API economy – and business maturity

API economy – and business maturity

You can’t change from API technology into API economy in one go. It it’s a transformation, where you take one step at the time and build up goals, policies and practices in your organisation for the main drivers.

At iQi we focus on five main drivers when we work with our clients transforming API technology into API economy:

  1. Secure access
    • Identify of functionality and data exchange
    • Authenticate people and things
  2. Share data and information
    • Enable transactions and algorithms
    • Multiple business channels
  3. Standardize
    • Create new user experience
    • Ease integrate and connect people, places, systems, data, things and algorithms
    • Leverage third-party algorithms
  4. Create new product/services and business models
    • Identifying core assets and proprietary services
    • Packaging and pricing
    • Selecting optimal distribution channels
    • Evaluating your API sales funnel and managing adoption
  5. Life cycle management

For more information about API strategies and business maturity contact Michael Posselt. mpo@iqidigital.com

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