Acceleration of change

Organizations in every industry are facing constant changes in how customers interact and buy, as well as increased competition. The competitive landscape has grown more complex, and the pace of change is accelerating. New competitors are becoming more numerous, more formidable, and more global. Competition is intense, meaning digital customer interaction is more important than ever.

From systems to business services

Application programming interfaces (APIs) are not only a development technique it is a business driver and top management consideration.

An organization’s core assets can be reused, shared and monetized through APIs that can extend the reach of existing services or provide new revenue streams.

APIs should be managed like a product – one built on top of a potentially complex technical footprint that includes legacy and third-party systems and data. If doing so API’s becomes a business asset.


Transforming API technology into API economy

API economy is about how cost effectively you can manage and scale information interaction with existing and new customers and how effectively your organization trades. It’s about transforming your business model into a scalable digital platform that supports customers needs for easy, fast and cost-efficient transactions.

You can’t change from API technology into API economy in one go. It it’s a transformation, where you take one step at the time and build up goals, policies and practices in your organisation for the main drivers.

At iQi we focus on five main drivers when we work with our clients transforming API technology into API economy:

  1. Secure access
    • Identify of functionality and data exchange
    • Authenticate people and things
  2. Share data and information
    • Enable transactions and algorithms
    • Multiple business channels
  3. Standardize
    • Create new user experience
    • Ease integrate and connect people, places, systems, data, things and algorithms
    • Leverage third-party algorithms
  4. Create new product/services and business models
  5. Life cycle management



iQi was established in 2018, as a result of 10 years work as consultants, working with clients on data integrations and infrastructure as well as information architecture for clients in financial, energy, education, health and the public sector in general

We partner with clients to:

  • develop and implement strategies and approaches to transform their API technology model into an API economy.
  • define implications of different operating-model choices, including roles, organizational structures, and operating processes
  • build API management services based on API goals, principles and established business practices to establish a market efficient API economy.